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Label management is taken care of by Lee Thorp Entertainment at one of its offices below according to the location of the artist concerned.

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Cape Town

81 Roodebloem Rd, Woodstock, 7925, W Cape, South Africa


Bei Templit LTD, Conventstrasse 14, 22089, Hamburg, Germany.

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Updated - 2-1-2014

First releases.

This Sea Records label is a sister label to MOUNTAIN RECORDS. The label was started by label owner, Patrick Lee-Thorp to release jazz productions at a time when Mountain Records was developing a world music image.
The first release was Robbie Jansen's, Vastrap Island album. Then came a release by pianist  and band leader, Tony Schilder .

This was followed by releases by 3 young German jazz acts.
Thereafter a number of productions produced by New Music Publishing in the Hamburg office were issued on the label.
Since 2006 no new releases were issued.

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